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Welcome to COMPESO GmbH, the leader of the Cinema Software industry in Europe, headquartered in Munich.

Born in 1984 as a software business solutions supplier, in the early 90's we spread out our technology by applying it to the entertainment industry through WinTICKET, the COMPESO Software Solution designed for the exhibitors to grow their cinema business. Over a period of 30 years we've focused our expertise on providing to the motion-image industry the most profitable software solution.


So far 300.000.000 tickets have been printed with WinTicket simply because we're the first Certified Electronic Bills Distributor in Germany, empowering 489 cinemas and more than 3.000 screens.

We are proud to report that we're the consolidated market leaders in Germany and all over Europe, where we operate in 10 countries and where we own over 50% market share at multiplex theaters.

In the Americas, we operate in the Caribbean; overall, we're the primary provider for our more than 205 successful customers, among whom we've won a name for more than providing a leading, cutting-edge technology: we've established a strong communication with them, empowering their cinema business.

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