Experienced senior REACT programmer wanted

If the picture above tells you something and you would like to strengthen our development team, send an eMAIL or surprise us in any other way. You’ll part of a great team designing new APPs, web shops, drinking coffee, juggle crazy ideas, even more coffee and look after many other new products out of the area of cinema, F&B, gastronomy and entertainment.
Don`t wait to be seated… ! -> react

class HelloMessage extends React.Component {
  render() {
    return (
 Hello {this.props.name}... we would be happy, if you join us on our next REACTive journey , writing lot`s of codes, having fun finding lots of errors. 
 In any way, we want to take a step with you into the future. 
 ADIITIONALLY class Todo: application-documents, ...! 


  <HelloMessage name="new colleague" />,