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The intention of this app is mobile ticket checking at cinema customers of COMPESO.

This app is designed for usage with the Linea Pro 4 scanning jacket. Nevertheless it will also work without that device by entering pickup codes manually.

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COMPESO Mobile Admittance is an iOS-App to be used by customers of COMPESO WinTICKET. For using the COMPESO Mobile Admittance App a WinTICKET-installation combined with a COMPESO Mobile Admittance Webservice is required. Using the app without these prerequisites is not possible.

Please contact the COMPESO support for further information.

Quick Start:

A: Configuration

Before being able to use the app, some general settings have to be made. Settings can be found in the iOS settings app in the app settings section for “Admittance”:

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  1. First a WebServiceURL has to be set. This is the URL of your COMPESO WinTICKET Mobile Admittance Webservice. A different port than port 80 can be used by adding it with a colon to the URL.

  2. The device ID specified for the mobile admittance workstation in COMPESO WinTICKET has to be given to determine the correct workstation.

  3. Username and password for the WinTICKET user can be specified here. It will also be asked at the time starting the app.

Other settings:

  • Confirm Pickup: Determines if a confirmation is asked when scanning a ticket.
    Options: Always, Reduced (if tickets with a reduced price have been scanned, has to be set in the webservice settings), Never

  • Entrance: Central Entrance or auditorium OID (from WinTICKET). Can also be configured by scanning special barcodes.

  • History size: Determines the number of scan events that will be shown in the history feature of the app

  • Info->Scan Seconds: Determines the time the app automatically switches from info mode to scan (validation) mode

  • Scanner beep: Option to activate / deactivate the Linea Pro 4 Scanner beep

  • Load iPod: Option to activate / deactivate charging the iPod by the Linea Pro 4 device.

B: Normal Usage (Scan Mode)

After starting the app, the following login screen will be shown, if configured by the web service:

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Please enter your COMPESO WinTICKET user login data here. Having entered correct user credentials, please touch the “Send” button and the following screen will appear:

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Please use the Linea Pro 4 scanning device to scan a valid barcode produced by WinTICKET in the specific center where the app is used. Depending on the barcode scanned, a screen like one of the following will appear:

C:\Users\PBECKER\Desktop\Screenshots Supportlink\IMG_0013.PNG C:\Users\PBECKER\Desktop\Screenshots Supportlink\IMG_0009.PNG C:\Users\PBECKER\Desktop\Screenshots Supportlink\IMG_0014.PNG

This screen will be shown for a time configurable by the web service and will then switch to “ready to scan”. A pickup code can be scanned at any time.

A pickup code can also be entered manually at the upper text box. Tapping the price categories will bring up a popup highlighting the price categories and showing all, if some are cut in normal mode.

After a ticket has been scanned and the confirmation for granting admission has been given, the tickets will be picked up and voided.

C: History mode

When using the history mode, a number of scanned barcodes like configured in the settings of the app are shown. Clicking on one of them will show the details of each scanned barcode (cinema, movie name, performance date & time) if it was a valid pickup code.

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D: Info mode

Using the info mode, a pickup code can be scanned for information purposes only. All relevant data to the pickup code will be shown, but the tickets will not be actually picked up and voided:

C:\Users\PBECKER\Desktop\Screenshots Supportlink\IMG_0030.PNG C:\Users\PBECKER\Desktop\Screenshots Supportlink\IMG_0016.PNG

The app will automatically switch to the scan (validation) mode after the time configured in the app settings.

E: User log off

The user name given at the start of the app will be stored in the app settings as long as the user manually logs off. This ensures that the user doesn’t have to re-login when the app has been switched to background mode by pushing the iPod’s Home Button or when the iPod is locked.

To log off, the user has to tap “More” and “Log Off”:

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Stored user credentials will be deleted and a new user can login.

F: Limitation to single auditoriums

If ticket checking should be limited to a single auditorium, special barcodes standing for those auditoriums have to be scanned. Those barcodes can be requested at the COMPESO support.

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If the scanned pickup code is not for a performance the device is limited to, an error message will appear.


A: Connection failed

When starting the app and a “connection failed” message appears, please check your Wi-fi connection and the correct setting of the WebServiceURL. If everything is OK, please check the correct operation of the COMPESO Mobile Admittance Webservice.

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B: Invalid user

When entering user credentials and an “invalid user” message appears, please check the correct username and password. Please check WinTICKET if a user for this center exists.

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