Welcome to COMPESO!

The Beginning

1984. COMPESO's story begins: Italy, the island of Elba, sun and wind and windsurfers, a (very heavy) laptop computer-COMPESO's founder, Harald Paulus, a young, innovative kind of guy, was on a mission. His mission at the outset was, quite simply, survival.

Survival (and hopefully much more) to be achieved through computers, software solutions and a clear drive to succeed. Harald took what was, for most, an inconvenient, tiresome task (taxes) and made it easier, i.e., more user friendly.

(Taxes? O.K., agreed, not really all that much fun but the bills get paid.)

In so doing, a services/solutions based company was created where motivated people could get paid for doing what they loved; where innovative software engineers could find a home.

Always a creative thinker, Harald and his team kept a sharp eye out for more new, unconventional ways of "survival". So, when the 90's rolled around and software (and so much more) was urgently needed to link up individual cinemas in the Reis family's first cinema chain in Munich, Harald had finally found his "entrepreneurial survival niche"-and he went for it. "Networking" cinemas-making the cinema experience more people-friendly, more fun, more profitable.

Knowing what he didn't know, knowing what was needed, seeking out, believing in and valuing the people that could help COMPESO grow, Harald and his group of dedicated, people-focused people were basically living their mission: Finding and solving challenges, serving people and enjoying every minute of it.

Enter our modern COMPESO with WinTICKET, COMPESO's Software Solution designed to aid exhibitors in growing their cinema business.

COMPESO was here to stay.

Successful Cinemas partner with COMPESO

Today, COMPESO is proud to engineer innovative software the agile engine for your cinema business.
Your success IS our business.

We believe in sustainable partnerships. At COMPESO pushing our business means respecting and trusting our partners, doing solid work and giving better than excellent service.
Word-of-mouth is a powerful thing. See how.

Here at COMPESO we believe in people PEOPLE make the difference. The challenges of a demanding industry require a team of creative experts each in their own field. These are the people who can be implicitly trusted to listen, to understand, to empathize and to solve the seemingly unsolvable.
We care.

Nothing great happens on its own. We embrace Agile Development and Agile Processes to ensure the very best outcome.
That motivates.

We know about hard work and we love what we do. We are persistent, flexible and oh so reliable. We feel how wonderful it is to work for an industry that brings a smile to the face of the kid in all of us.
What great fun!

At COMPESO the future is NOW.

We believe in openness, respect and sharing our competencies.

We believe in the power of Smart Technology.

We believe in making the best even better.

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