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Self-Service ATM

Increase of turn-over with Self-Service

The sale of tickets and concession items at vending machines noticeably relieves your areas of service in the cinema. The cinema goers order and pay for all items in one sales transaction. In combination with concession pick-up counter, you can achieve up to 30 percent more sales due to your increased product line in less time.

The use of self-service stations helps you to manage your staff more effectively. The staff can focus on the customer experience, the preparation and delivery of the concession items, thus preparing and serving significantly more products in a much shorter time.

The user interface of the Self-Service-terminals is simple and intuitiv. All products are shown with smart grafics. Even customers who usually don’t like electronic order systems will love the easyness of the eATM. The cashless order of sales makes transactions at the eATMs quick, easy and secure.

You decied the range of products. The software is programmed in the latest state-of-the-art web technology and fits seamlessly into WinTICKET .

The advantage of the COMPESO self-service-terminals:

  • Accelerated sales through effective staff planning and fast sales processing
  • Tickets and Concession in any combination in one go.
  • Free choise of products
  • Intuitive and smart GUIs
  • State-of-the-Art web technologies