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Curtain up for a new age of cinema!

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Cinema for Customers

Next Level Entertainment

Curtain up for a new age of cinema!

We have used the last 2 years and hundreds of discussions and appointments to create a new software world together with our cinema operators in Europe. While many companies had to go on short-time work, we used the time creatively to create many new online and offline solutions with our own investment / risk. 

Therefore, after 13 years of cloudTicket solutions, we are proud to present the new, holistic cineOrder platform, which is modular and can be adapted to any size of cinema and almost any need. Let our team surprise you and demonstrate parts of the new world live. We look forward to your feedback and the journey together …



Native Digital Competency

Next level Cinema

Webshop 4.0

Tickets • Concession • F&B • Vouchers …
whatever you want to sell.
COMPESO developed a fully resizable Webshop with the latest react technology, so any web agency can quickly adopt as simple as an WordPress to a fully loaded CMS into your specific design.


Native and Hybrid Apps 
 for ticketing, concession and product sales.
Using the app increases the customer relation and opens a closer bound to their needs. Push notification, modern communication and marketing all aligned to the eATM and Webshop.


WinTicket - the heart of the proven COMPESO POS system for 25y
Our basic software offers you all functions and modules for:
• Film planning • Accounting • Disposition • Ticket and concession sales via different Distributeion channels

Self-Service • eATM

Reduce your cues in the Cinema. How?
Totally adoptable can run on any typical ATM machine • focused on quick sales and no distractions at the touch poinz. Kids and family friendly.

Website 4.0

You don't like add. marketing tolls?
• Website CMS
• Print CMS
• Multicinema management
• Newsletter-CMS
• Signage-CMS
We prepared a simple to use tool, so you can start instantly!

Customer loyalty

A holistic View about your customer starts with a flexible Database and API capabilities. As one of the first fully cloud based products migrations we extracted the CRM functionalities to where it belongs. Into the hand of the customer and all possible integration customer and all possible integration of Data analyze and communication.


Data analysis is a much-cited and popular buzzword. But it's not the data that matters, it's the results-oriented analysis and concrete results. That's why we have summarized the 6 most important KPIs at a glance in our new dashboard as well as fully integration with Showtimes, Comscore & more.

Cinema marketing & Sales

You want to bring your personalized corporate design to a new level with appealing graphics and special themes? Our partner network supports you with concept, strategy, design and the implementation of convincing design work.

Native Digital Competency

The COMPESO Products

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Ticket Software Basis
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Datenanalyse und Auswertung
Webshop 4.0
Customer loyalty
Self-Service • eATM
Website 4.0 & Upsell
Cinema marketing & Sales
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Try out the No. 1 Software for your cinema
COMPESO Software makes visiting cinemas easier than ever With our APPs, webshops or eATMs cinema customers can conviniently order and pay tickets or concession. The Self-Service eATMs relieve your staff and workflow at teh boxoffice or concession pos and increase the turnover by far. Our brandnew software designs will inspire you.

Why we are the best partner

Next level Services

Personalized Ticket sales

We would like to invite your customers to come to your Cinema. Again and again. With our software you’re always connected to your cumstomer and speed up their willing to buy. With our AI technology we train your system to make a better advise of recommendations. Your customers will love this service. Less is more!

You long for an individual webshop ? We visualize your cinema entrance and lobby ideas. Make your own choise of pages, designs or functionalities.

Self-Service speeds up sales.

With CineOrder you can lift up your f&b sales by more than 30%. your customers can buy popcorn and drinks at any point in or out of the cinema. You movie goer can pick up the f&b at your new pick up station or serve it straight to the cinema seat.

CineOrder manages the workflow of your staff in your cinema and speeds up the time of choice as the customer doesn*t have to waot anymore. Your staff can focus on preparation and serving the food

Proven quality

For more than 35 years COMPESO is your partner for ticket and f&b sales. WinTICKET is the most reliable and most feature-rich software bundle in the whole european market. We are the european market leader for a reason. 

COMPESO holistic full-service program delivers movie-schedules, sales and service as well as a perfect administrative EPR, POS and accounting at the same time.

Full-service consulting.

We can also advise you in sales and marketing strategies. Openness and trust are one of our highest principles as we always long for long-term relationships. Our solution are scale able to any cinemy size. Your customer data only belong safly to you ! With our partnership your data get more added values than before.

Ask for a personal consultation appointment. Together we will find the perfect strategy.

Cinema, like any form of entertainment, depends on team play.

That is why we have created an intensive new partner programme to accelerate the cinema industry together.

So thank you to all our partners and future project teams. More to come … 

Neueste Technik für höchste Besucherzufriedenheit

The new user concept maximises sales

Pioneering Responsive Design ensures intelligent user guidance for ticketing and maximum visitor satisfaction. Visitors will find a clear weekly program on your new website with numerous filter options. From the program overview, you can easily access the detailed individual view of the films, where film information (description, actors, trailers, etc.) is summarised at a glance. With the “Quick Ticket” function, visitors can quickly and specifically select their desired screening and reserve or purchase their cinema tickets via the ticket booking with seating plan directly integrated into the website.

Not only for your cinema visitors, but also for you as a cinema operator, the website is easy and uncomplicated to use. For programme management, for example, you can quickly sort films using state-of-the-art drag and drop, as well as create large-scale film strips and individualised sliders. The film data is expanded by an extensive film database and you can always edit it and add your own content. The self-explanatory and innovative user interface allows you to quickly create individual sub-pages according to your wishes.


Feedback from satisfied customers


Some of our clients
NEXT LEVEL CINEMA means experiencing CINEMA with absolute passion. 
That’s why we are putting all our energy into a shared, inspiring cinema experience and much more intuitive products. Take the time for an intensive exchange with us and our partners to achieve this goal together.