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Dear Customers and partner,


every time we’re forced to pause and check our situation, we have a chance we couldn’t think of before. In the last days we had a lot of positive internal and external reactions which show us how fast we can improve and simplify processes, tasks and communication which leads us to new ways forward. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to take the actual time to communicate better and different than before.

Way before the current situation arrived, we did a stress test with our whole company to test our internal strength and stability. Apart from a few people we had been working since a while from home without any lack of performance under full operation from home. As a market leader for the German speaking area and a reliable partner for main customers all over Europe we will not remain in pause and are investing right now big time into our future.

We believe in the future of Cinema and social entertainment.

Even so we had massive loss and cost due to the stop of ticket sales and refunds of thousands of tickets we will carry the cost of the 50 plus home office employees and the actual increase of support demands. The massive request of help in all ways is a big challenge in a time with less income. But short time work or part time stop is no way for us nor that we can do as our biggest assets are as a software company our employees, who partly constantly work in the past 35 years for us and our all near future.

Right now, is the best time to invest into new concepts, products and rethink our challenges. By taking the time for new mindsets ideas or renovate older systems the first wave of reopening the Cinemas will lead us into a boost of success. Several of our biggest clients are already facing the opportunity and think forward by take the time to code new projects and solutions.

Talk to our new or existing team members and if you want to be part of our journey for an upgrade or on of our new software developments such as Apps, web shops or any other innovation.

We are here for you.

Whenever the Cinemas are able to restart: We would be proud to look into our joint future to take the momentum with all needed carefulness to let a new start happen in perfection.

For all members of the COMPESO Team – München

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