let’s do cinema together

Foto: planetmutlu.com | E. Servet Mutlu
We say "thank you" for impressive days in Baden-Baden and look forward to seeing many of you in Barcelona.

Again this year it was great to be there, to talk, discuss and laugh with you. We have felt the belief in the resurrection of the cinema and the trust in COMPESO very strongly and would like to thank our customers, partners and also our colleagues very much for this.

Because only together we can strengthen the cinema.

„Let’s do cinema together“ –
This should be our common motto.

With cineOrder, the foundation created in recent years, we have successfully laid the groundwork for the next generation of cinema software. The success of cineOrder Webshop 4.0 has shown us what cinemas and guests need and want.

We have only achieved this thanks to you!

Thanks to our partner planetmutlu, we were able to generate real excitement at our booth with numerous new features (including a new marketing app, event tool, foyer game).

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